Paris Mood Swings

Have you ever experienced that strange feeling where you start to suspect the person you're talking to is prone to irrational mood swings, and might even be dangerously sarcastic with you? If you haven't, come to Paris. It's not true that all French would be sarcastic, most of them are helpful and lovely. But in... Continue Reading →

MAXXit in Rome!

Rome is just bulging with new places right now: Modern Art Museum MAXXI sounded interesting straight away. Couldn't wait to see it, it has been around for 7 years but I only recently heard about it. The museum is located a bit north from Piazza del Popolo in northern Rome. It is easy to reach... Continue Reading →


So many people claim they like coffee and yet we know barely nothing about it. For example, you'd need to know if you prefer robusta or arabica beans, or perhaps a certain mix of them with acertain percentage of robusta in the arabica mix (I didn't get it when living in Italy and even less... Continue Reading →

To a museum by boat, anyone?

Is there anything more fun than arriving to a museum by boat on a summer day? Can't imagine. The Didrichsen Art Museum has a boat connection, but only on Saturdays, so I strongly suggest you go there on Saturday. The ferry ride is a nice, about 50 min ride in an old wooden boat, enjoying... Continue Reading →

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Food for Thought on Travel

It is a thrill to see all the beautiful landscapes when you travel. It keeps you so busy that sometimes a short visit in a beautiful region makea you feel as if decades had lapsed since you last were at home doing the everyday routines. But at the same time, I see so much plastic... Continue Reading →

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Do you love the seaside? Do you love it when you wake up, you open your window, and you can hear the seagulls with their throaty, shrill calls, or if you are luckier, you'll hear the sweet shriek of swallows? You wake up, you see the empty city streets, some old buildings (unfortunately Helsinki also... Continue Reading →

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One-liner Diary 💜

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My most beloved object has been this one-line diary for the past months. I've always written a lot, I've written short articles, done translations, tried my hand at writing - and for a while, writong was a real drag. Nothing felt worth writing and I felt drained. Just by chance... Continue Reading →

Emojis for Travel

I love emojis. I could sometimes just write all of my emotions in emojis because it is hard enough to try and convey a feeling in gestures, but to put it in words is sometimes even harder. For example, when you are really happy, watching your dog play or admiring an absolutely, unbelievably, fabulously unheard... Continue Reading →

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