MAXXit in Rome!

Rome is just bulging with new places right now: Modern Art Museum MAXXI sounded interesting straight away. Couldn't wait to see it, it has been around for 7 years but I only recently heard about it. The museum is located a bit north from Piazza del Popolo in northern Rome. It is easy to reach... Continue Reading →

Florence, with All the Fanciness

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Florence, Tuscany and all the things associated with it; beautiful buildings, flowery facades, little squares that give you the urge to pause and look up to the sky, incredible gelato, perfectly white and brown dotted churches that are so inviting looking that even a less religious person wants to sneak... Continue Reading →

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To a museum by boat, anyone?

Is there anything more fun than arriving to a museum by boat on a summer day? Can't imagine. The Didrichsen Art Museum has a boat connection, but only on Saturdays, so I strongly suggest you go there on Saturday. The ferry ride is a nice, about 50 min ride in an old wooden boat, enjoying... Continue Reading →

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Kalevala revisited

When it comes to epic sagas, there are many that are better known than Kalevala; however, maybe that is exactly why it feels so fresh. Of course, to fully understand it, you'd have to speak Finnish because the alliterations and rhythm really don't open up the content the way a translation does. But it has... Continue Reading →

World’s most beautiful toilets

Yes, the question on everyone's mind (not!) : when I travel, where will I find the most beautiful toilets? OK, maybe this is just me being peculiar, again 😁 , but sometimes it's the most ordinary things that strike you when they are not what you'd expect. and I have to admit that in Cannes, I... Continue Reading →

Rome – there’s something new, or old !

A couple of years back, I realized that I have been to Rome for 5 times. That's a lot of time dedicated to one , lovely, old, village-like city. And I thought I have finally seen everything, been to every district, found every restaurant on TripAdvisor, eaten the strawberry pizza, visited a monastery in Rome... Continue Reading →

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Arles, Lazy and Lovely

Arriving in Arles was preceeded my many random events; not in the least by van Gogh, who actually played the key part, having painted in this sleepy town . And having read his biography (By Steven Naifeh, available for example here), I was keen to see at least one part of his environment, where he... Continue Reading →

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