One-liner Diary 💜

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My most beloved object has been this one-line diary for the past months. I've always written a lot, I've written short articles, done translations, tried my hand at writing - and for a while, writong was a real drag. Nothing felt worth writing and I felt drained. Just by chance... Continue Reading →

Emojis for Travel

I love emojis. I could sometimes just write all of my emotions in emojis because it is hard enough to try and convey a feeling in gestures, but to put it in words is sometimes even harder. For example, when you are really happy, watching your dog play or admiring an absolutely, unbelievably, fabulously unheard... Continue Reading →

Dogs in Reykjavik

A couple of years ago I visited Iceland, and I still long to go back there one day because its landscapes look like nothing I have seen anywhere else. It is not only horses that are omnipresent in Iceland, it is also the dogs. They are at every stable you visit. And paying in mind... Continue Reading →

The Old-fashioned Charm of Trains

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Trains - the final luxury travel transport there is. Planes are crowded, the stewardesses are overworked, the service is not that great, planes are late, and getting to the airport with your bag while looking over your shoulder to watch out for pickpockets is awful. It is freedom and a... Continue Reading →

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Paris, rooftop cafés

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I've noticed one thing about a Paris trip: you MUST go to the Eiffel Tower. And the view is great from there, although the impossible crowd makes it such an experience that after the photos you pretty much just want to go back down to get some personal space...After all,... Continue Reading →

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To use an open WIFI or not?

Internet is a real cave of Ali Baba, both in good and bad... When I travel, I am more often than not faced with the network problem; not the lack of it, but where to find it. The European decision to remove roaming fees is more than welcome, as it about abolishes the problem in... Continue Reading →

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People don't realize that one of the greatest things to do here, is to admire the parks. It's a nice, quiet moment, early in the morning, to simply stroll through Place des Vosges without tourists there. The great thing about Paris is that there are parks for every taste; if you like views, go to... Continue Reading →

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Songs for the road

For those long hours at the airport or on the train: Alice Russell: Travelling song Alice Russell: Adventures in Paradise Alice Russell: Hard and Strong Mas que Nada (By any performer) Jamiroquai: Smile You can get them on Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud, out of these three SoundCloud is maybe the most hasslefree when travelling.

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